Hi all! It’s been an exciting week. Since our last Medium update, there have been some changes to the LOOT ecosystem. The Junk token is no longer part of the NFTLootbox system, we now have User Profiles, and the website has had a wonderful UI update.

We also have some big things going on behind the scenes like:

These updates will be released in the near future, so stay…

Today we are excited to reveal our longly anticipated partnership news — welcome to the LOOT family UniLayer!

Today we are proud to announce a strategic partnership with UniLayer — a cutting-edge decentralized trading platform built on top of Uniswap that allows you to trade like a pro with its LAYER utility token.

Get some LAYER tokens and start your professional DeFi trading journey with automated swaps, liquidity management, flash staking, charts & analytics, live order books, and more!

Hey all! With the highly anticipated launch of our NFT Loot Box Farming platform today, many of you might be wondering how everything works. This article will briefly walk you through everything you need to know in order to use the platform as comfortably as possible!

Table of Contents

LOOT NFT Farming Overview

How to Stake $LOOT Tokens

I. Getting $LOOT tokens

II. Staking your LOOT tokens

III. Claiming Staking Prizes

How to Stake $LOOT LP Tokens

IV. Getting $LOOT LP tokens

V. Staking your LOOT LP tokens

VI. Claiming LP Staking Prizes

LOOT NFT Farming Overview

NFT Loot Box farming is our main incentive plan for:

Simply stake $LOOT or $LOOT LP tokens to earn…

LOOT — revolutionizing NFT Farming into what it should have been in the first place. Learn more about our upcoming platform launch.

Announcing- the highly anticipated arrival of our NFT Loot Boxes.

Ready to open NOW!

The Launch Heard ‘Round The World

19 days ago, $LOOT successfully launched garnering over $1 Million in 24-hour volume on Uniswap with the support of its +800-strong community members on Telegram.

In that time, the $LOOT team has been quietly grinding away at the development of the fairest NFT Farming platform the world has ever seen.

NFTLootBox (LOOT) is a fairer and more entertaining decentralized system for farming NFTs.


Everything you need to know about our past distribution of $LOOT!

Key Details:

Hi all! We are disclosing the initial distribution…

From smashing its presale to 25% of the total supply locked, liquidity locked, and $1 Million in 24-hour volume in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Learn about the launch of the fairest NFT farming token in DeFi.

The $LOOT community just achieved a successful token launch on Uniswap — raising 158 Ethereum during the presale and reaching +800 members in our Telegram group. Within 24 hours of $LOOT’s token launch, $LOOT reached an $880,000 market cap with a volume of over $1 Million.

Within 2 hours of listing, $LOOT became the #2 trending coin on Dextools meaning…

One day ago we introduced NFTLootbox.com, the new fairer way to farm NFTs. Today, we’re releasing the details for our Presale!

A quick overview of our Presale 💰📝

It is our pleasure to announce the details of NFTLootbox.com’s Presale.

Presale Round 1 will launch at 6:00 PM (UTC) on Sunday, November 8th, 2020. Click here for a countdown timer.

Join us on our Telegram to ask us any questions or to join us in celebrating the countdown to our epic Presale!

When you get into $LOOT during Presale 🤩

Both Presale rounds will be held on bounce.finance. Instructions on using Bounce can be found here. …

In the NFT farming world, life is hard. Highly desired sets of NFTs are often claimed in minutes or less, leaving those who did not get the early notice or who were busy with other matters out of luck. However, now there is a better way — a fairer way, a more exciting way! Introducing NFTLootBox.com

A quick glance at NFTLootbox.com

NFTs are IN right now. With an estimated $150M (~340,468 ETH) total volume flowing into the top 25 NFT projects and rapidly increasing.

In just the past 7 days, there has been $3.4M (~7,738.5 ETH) transacted or a 2.26% …


Now everyone has a chance to get rare and valuable NFTs.

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